Outlaw Graphic Creations

About Us
OGC is planning to Direct to Garment printing-
 The MP10 (D.T.G) machine is the fastest made model, we can
 print white or light colored shirts in 16 seconds, black or dark colors
in 45 seconds. We can also print in metal foil and 3D effect with less waste
of ink than screen printing, and no hazardous
waste needed for clean up. Everything is environmentally
friendly. Embroidery- The Melco Amayo XTS machine,
 it has 16 needles and sews at a speed of 1500 stitches
 per min, with laser tracing for accuracy.
We can embroider a hat 3 ½ inches from brim to crown or a flat surface of 16 ¼ inches to 16 ¼ inches. With this ability we can do both children and adult clothing. With these machines we can embroider anything from shirt pockets to pant legs. Printing- The H.P Enterprise CM4540MFP machine can print 42 ppm in black and 40 ppm in color, we will be able to print promotional flyers for any occasion needed. Or business cards for anyone who needs them. Customizing- Outlaw Graphic Creations will design and customize a client’s promotional to make it as unique as possible. They will also copyright all designs and give them to the client so that they cannot be copied without the client’s approval. Creative design- Outlaw Graphic Creations want the customized promotional to fit the client, so they have a creative design department for that purpose. They interview the client to determine their likes and dislikes, personality and character. Then with the information they design a custom look for their client’s promotions that they will enjoy.

Graphic design- Outlaw Graphic Creations will have a graphic design department to design all custom artwork for each project in the company. They also design company logos and promotional items for the client. They will be designing unique promotions for all client enthusiasts at expo’s and special events. Research and development- Outlaw Graphic Creations will use this department to stay on top of the competition and their client’s demands..