Outlaw Graphic Creations
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Our Story
The Business has developed a new promotional graphics designs
which has the following specifications and advantages over similar
 services in the industry:
Outlaw Graphic Creations is a custom graphics shop and retail store
that cater’s to the promotional and recreational apparel needs of the surrounding community, universities, schools and church’s. Through
research and designing of graphics and marketing too
 best fit the customer’s needs. They will have a store
 large enough to do all divisions of the research,
design and production in house.
- Which will create a presence in the community? The Jacksonville AL. community has
been in need of a retail graphic store that does on site manufacturing since the 1980’s. Verification of statement:
Employees at Jacksonville City Hall 320 Church St. Jacksonville Al. 36265 Outlaw Graphic Creations will serve the community’s needs and help to
- protect the environment for their customer’s. They will be using Embroidery, Direct to Garment (D.T.G), and Banner machines, and copiers that are non-toxic and recyclable. Also, it will open more jobs for the community, create Internships for Graphic Art’s students from the surrounding universities.
The Business has a window of opportunity to introduce its services and gain a significant piece of the market share. The new product/service caters to a wide range of customers and is expected to hold a market share of 70.